Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Using wallapop

1. Buying on wallapop 
2. Selling on wallapop
3. Searching for items 
4. Uploading an item 
5. Chatting with users
6. Choosing favorites
7. Reporting users 
8. Rating a transaction
9. Prohibited items
10. Marking an item sold/reserved
11. Removing an item 
12. Collections 
13. Editing a listing
14. Can't find your listing
15. Why was my listing removed?
16. Setting your location
17. Changing your email
18. Deleting chats
19. Blocking a user
20. Resetting your password
21. Deleting your account
22. Paying for visibility

1. Buying on wallapop

Buying items with wallapop is safe and easy. But a little advice never hurt anybody, so here ya go:


- If you don't plan on paying cash to the seller in a face-to-face transaction, it's best to use a safe and secure payment method such as cash-on delivery or PayPal. Money transfers can be risky and offer no guarantees. We've heard from plenty of happy buyers who made money transfers, and it's not always a sign of fraud, but we recommend taking precautions to prevent scams when possible.


- If you think a user is abusing the app, let us know. We want wallapop to be a safe and open community. We actively pursue fake users and, if needed, intervene in serious miscommunications between users. In the wallapop community, respect is our priority.


- Rememberm, no one's going to sell a quid for 50 pence. If an item is listed for an absurdly cheap price (especially tech or luxury brand items), it could be fraudulent. Take extra precautions especially if the item photos seem to be from a catalogue or website. If you see an item you think is a fake, you can report it in the app and help us decrease fraudulent listings. 


2. Selling on wallapop

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to list an item on wallapop, and with these simple tips you can make an ad that really pops!

3. Searching for items


So you've downloaded the app, your profile is set up and you're ready to start hunting down some deals...How do you start? It's easy! Go to the home screen, often referred to as the wall, and you'll find loads of items for sale near you. Looking for something specific? Use the search tool and enter the name of what is what you want. You can also search by category to see more of the type of items that interest you (clothes, cars, etc). 


4. Uploading an item

You and i both know you're never going yo use that purse your aunt Mildred bought you, so what are you going to do with it? Sell it! Open up the app, press the button that appears at the bottom center of the home screen and the upload screen will appear. It's quite simple, you'll see: upload some photos, set a price, fill out the title and description and select which category your item belongs to. If you're selling a car, be sure to include the year, model, etc.


5. Chatting with users

So, you've found just what you were looking for, now how do you tell the seller you're interested? Select the item of interest by tapping its listing. Once on the listing page you'll see the "Chat" button. Now you can open a line of communication and start wheeling and dealing. You're on your own from here ;)



6. Choosing favorites

Let's say you stumble upon an item that strikes your fancy but you're just not in the market to buy quite yet; mark it as "Favorite" and come back for it later! It's easy. Just tap the heart icon you'll find at the top of the listing page and it will be stored in your favorites list. To see all your favorites, go to your profile and click on "Faves", it's right next to your reviews.



7. Reporting users

Unfortunately, sometimes a user can be less than savory and because we don't like that any more than you do, you can report this behavior in the app. You'll find this option in the messaging screen between the two of you. Click on the three-dot icon in the upper-right of the screen, or the menu button, depending on what type of device you have. 


You'll have the option of choosing a motive for reporting the user (fraud, suspicious behavior, etc). We just ask that you be sincere and responsible when reporting user so that we can be more effective and efficient in pursuing reports that truly deserve our attention and action. 


8. Rating a transaction

Once you've marked and item as "sold", you'll see a screen where you can choose the user who bought the item. Once you've selected the user, you'll be able to rate the experience between 0 and 5 stars along with a brief review. 

The buyer will receive a notification in the chat so that they can also leave their review. Both ratings will be published in your profiles and visible to all other users once both parties have completed the review process. 



9. Prohibited items

At wallapop we believe in second chances and the more unique the item, the better! But even we have our limits, mostly legal, and we have to respect them.

Among other things, these items are not allowed to be advertised and/or sold on wallapop:

- Food

- Animals

- Medicine

- Weapons

- Anything that may cause psychological or emotional harm or that is prohibited by law. 

Please find the complete list here


It's our goal to give new life to the items you no longer need but we also need to exercise a bit of common sense. Selling your cousin a half-empty beer from Saturday can be funny, but we prefer to reserve the space for real offers ;)



10. Marking an item sold/reserved

Once you've closed a deal, you need to mark the listing as "sold" so you won't keep receiving offers for it. And if you've almost closed the deal and you're just waiting to make the handoff, you can mark it as "reserved". To do this just go to the listing and press the button for "I sold it!" or "Reserve". Careful with that "Sold" button though, once it's clicked you can't take it back. 


11. Removing an item

It's easy to remove an item. Go to the listing and press the three-doy icon in the upper right of the screen.


12. Collections

These are collections of items hand-selected by us that we think fit nicely into a specific theme. For the time being, it isn't possible to add items to collections that have already been published. The exception to this rule is the "Destacados en tu zona" collection, which automatically updates with items in your area that have paid for more visibility. 


13. Editing a listing

To edit your ad, go to the listing and press the pencil icon. Now you can change whatever you want to make your ad more attractive to potential buyers. 


14. Can't find your listing

You're at your profile page and you don't see any of your listings; what's going on? Before you have a conniption, remember this things:


- Your listings won't show on the home screen, only in your personal area. This way you don't get bogged down by your own ads when using the app.


- It's possible you've logged into an account that doesn't have your listings. If you don't remember the account you used to upload your items, shoot us a message and give us one of the items titles to work with. We'll do our best to find it and send you the password so you can get back to work. 


- Or maybe your item was deleted because it violated our terms of use. If this is the case, you should have received an email telling you why we removed the item. 


15. Why was my listing removed?

There are many reasons why listings might be removed from the app. Remember there are certain items that are not allowed to be listed and/or sold, according to our terms of use. In the "Rules of wallapop" section you can find more complete information. 


16. Setting your location

Setting the location of your profile is an essential part of wallapop, after all the items are shown to you based on how close they are. How can you set your location? Well, it's super easy! Go to your profile and you will find this option under the number of sales and purchases. You'll see that "no location" and the option to add your address and post code. The app will automatically link your profile with your location and now users near you will see all the items you're selling and vice versa. 

In your personal profile page you can also edit your photo, username, birth date, password, practically everything and anything you want regarding your wallapop profile. 


17. Changing your email

You can now change the email correlated with your wallapop account from within the app. Just go to your personal profile and click on the gear icon to go to settings adjustments. Once you're in you can make the changes you want. 


18. Deleting chats

To delete chats you need to first go to your messages inbox that you'll find in the main menu. 

- If you're using iOS: In the upper-right of the screen you'll find a trashcan icon, press this and select the conversations you want to get rid of.

- If you're an Android user: Press and hold on the conversation you want to delete or clickon the photo of the item directly from within the messages screen. 


Keep in mind that once a conversation is deleted it is gone forever, unless the other user sends you another message. 


19. Blocking a user

Even though our app is all about making it easy to buy and sell items in your area in a friendly and easy-going kind of way, inevitably there are some people who can become a nuisance. If a user is bothering you, you have the option of blocking them so they aren't able to contact you anymore. Just go into the conversation and press the three-dot icon in the upper-right of the screen. And if you change your mind and want to unblock them, follow the same steps.


20. Resetting your password

If you've forgotten your wallapop password, don't fret! We'll send you another one. Just select the "Forgot your password?" on the login page and you'll receive a new one in your email that is registered with wallapop. 


21. Deleting your account

Saying goodbye is hard and we don't want you to leave! But, if you've really thought it through and you still want to deactivate your wallapop account,we'll do our best not to cry. Just send us a message using the form found in the "Help" section of the app. Confirm your account email and let us know why you're leaving. We'll take care of it as quickly as possible. 



22. Paying for visibility

Paying for visibility is an option that makes it so your listing is featured in the app and helps to sell it faster. Featured products appear bigger than the rest, the title is highlighted and the description appears on the main wall. Furthermore, there is a button on the listing that goes directly to start a chat. Featured items also have a green wing icon that differentiates them from the rest. 

There are several options for featuring your item:

- 24h feature, without being sent to the top of the wall

- 24h feature with your ad going straight to the top spot.

- 3-day feature with your ad going straight to the top of the wall.


Remember, paying for visibility is optional. You can still upload items for sale at no cost just as before. 

Paying is not required for using wallapop.

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