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  • Luggage, Suitcases
  • Luggage, Suitcases
  • Luggage, Suitcases
  • Luggage, Suitcases

Luggage, Suitcases

2 suitcases luggage set, Revelation London, Jude Model, black colour, totally brand new, NEVER USED! 1 Standard Medium Size, 4 wheels (dimensions 65cmx46cmx27cm), (weight 3.8 kg, packing volume 67 ltrs). 1 Standard cabin Case, 2 wheels (dimensions 55cmx35cmx20cm), (weight 2.5 kg, packing volume 34 ltr). This 2 pieces set is sold by Revelation London online for 128 pounds (or separately for 85 and 65 pounds respectively, which would mean 150 pounds). Delivered in their original package, STILL WRAPPED!

SW1A 2BY,  London
Map of London
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